Academic Career Success Coaching

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Academic Career Success Coaching

Academic Career Success Coaching was set up by Nancy Omaha Boy, Ph.D. who has coached faculty since 1992. As a former faculty member, department chair, and associate dean in both college and university environments, including twelve years at Rutgers, she knows the many trials that can assail faculty progress. She and the coaches she has trained will provide you with knowledgeable, confidential guidance as you move through the tenure and promotion process.  She has worked with faculty from liberal arts and sciences, technological fields, nursing and health sciences, law, business, and professional studies.  She has received over $1.4 million in grants she wrote and was principal investigator.

If you’d like someone on your side, someone confidential and responsive to your needs, click on Tenure Package  or Post-Tenure Package to order services and set up your coaching relationship.

Paying attention to the finer points of teaching, scholarship, grants and service allows faculty to fully participate in the academic lifecycle without being consumed in the process. Professional coaching will teach you what signs to look for to give you clues to changes in your departmental environment, how to set boundaries on your professional contribution and where to spend effort for the biggest effect. Once you have made a mistake it is hard to undo it. How can you best proceed without stumbling in front of those colleagues that will later be voting on your membership in their departments and disciplines? If you would like  to have a confidential outside expert to guide you through your process, please sign up now.  

Academic Career Success Coaching

You are the future of intellectual progress in your field and you have so much to offer the world through your university. Are you managing your career the best possible? Have you thought about what you need to do when to create your best route to tenure, promotion and academic success? If you want to make it easy on yourself, work with someone who can help you plan well for your future. Do it now, not later.

While no one is responsible for your success, we can help you....

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You have it or you would not have been hired. Sometimes, it gets away from you while you are busy living life and putting out the many fires flaring in a typical faculty life. Don't go it alone. Click here to begin service now.