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You are the CEO of your career. You make the key decisions that power your journey towards tenure, promotion and recognition of your life’s work.  You are powerful. You worked hard for your degree. You succeeded in the interview process. You were hired because you have great potential. How can you maximize that power to achieve your best reviews and the goal of tenure and promotion?

Working with a professional, supportive coach can ensure you are moving steadily toward your goal. You want to have made the choice early to set up a mentoring relationship that you can intensify if you need to at any point along the line.

Establishing a professional reputation that will take you where you want to be in your field takes time. Tenure, reviews, promotion, awards, grants, teaching improvement, learning new technology, service to your campus, to your discipline, preparing articles, giving conference papers, serving on committees, advising students….Your time is valuable.

How can you best use your time to move along your personal career agenda? How can you align your actions to efficiently reach your goals? How can you use your inner resources to facilitate your career development? These are the questions to explore with an experienced academic coach.

Can you afford any “down” time in the pursuit of your goal? Set up a coaching relationship now so if you experience a slump or setback you have priority in getting back on track, in re-connecting with your power. You cannot afford to make a mistake that might thwart progress toward your goals.

What is coaching?  How does it work?

If you are new to coaching, you will find that coaching is an expedient way to handle issues that appear in your life. It works on a “just in time” principle, providing assistance as needed. Not at all like counseling, coaching does not wait to hear all your issues and then choose one to work on for endless weeks. You will probably work out a schedule of tasks, begin them and contact your coach as needed along the way, touching base when necessary. At the same time, you will be working to set up a master plan that incorporates these chosen tasks. As contingencies happen in your life, you are supported with a structure that will make life easier to handle. With renewed confidence, it is easier to make sense of change. Your family will appreciate your renewal as well. And you will have a plan in place to meet your goals. Click on the link to see what package best suits your style.
If you find deadlines slipping by, goals being pushed back, professional guidance can help you reconnect and realign your inner congruity to match your highest intentions.

Had trouble getting grants?  Call now to get onboard with a coach who will assist you in moving forward at a pace that fits your lifestyle. 

If you need psychological services, have been clinically diagnosed with depression or anxiety, coaching is not a substitute for treatment. Please contact a health professional who can help you. 

Choose someone with years of experience with many fields, a firm targeted to work expressly with academic professional faculty like yourself. Choose Academic Career Success Coaching now.  
Structure for Your Success
Do you have a plan for your tenure success? Or are you trusting to the system to deliver it to you? What goals and strategies have you set? Is it time to talk to a professional academic coaching service with over 17 years of experience?

Protect your future.

How many millions can you earn as a tenured faculty member across a full career? Can you afford not to have a coach in this high stakes game? CONNECT WITH YOUR POWER  to insure your years of productivity and balance as you move along the tenure route.

Build a relationship with a professional academic coach.

If you have ever had a doubt, you may have another. You want to remain at your best at all times. You cannot predict future tribulations and you want to be well prepared with resources should they occur. 

The reality is that not everyone makes it.

You are the CEO of your career. Don't let stress, family events, department relationships or key players hold you back.  It is up to you to make sure your potential is realized.